Monday, September 23, 2013

Well Im glad to hear that my emails and letters are enough for you guys! I wish I could tell you more, but there is just never enough time! Its hard! haha I want to tell you guys everything! lol

Anyway, sounds like everything is going super well at home. I wont comment on everything so I can get right into my week. But I enjoyed so much hearing about everyone at home, thanks mom!

And yes I did get the package on time. I will tell more in my email.

Alright here was my week including my birthday!

Well this last week was sweet! We had some great lessons! On Tuesday we taught Glenn (the motorcycle, full gray beard guy) and talked about the Joesph Smith Memorial. He worked at a quarry so he seemed very interested in seeing the monument! So tomorrow when we see him again he said he will tell us what day will work. We hope this will work out, because we think that if he can commit to this then it will make it easier to commit to church and that is what he really needs!

We have been receiving lots of member referrals from this one lady in our ward, Sis Altmire! She is an old lady in our ward and is from Finland. And she just loves this gospel! She talks to everyone she meats about the gospel! And then gives us a call, tells us about the conversation, and tells us to contact them! Its great! Some don't want to meet with us, but a few are promising and have an appointment set up this Friday at the church to talk and meet with him! Hopefully these will help us get a few new investigators! Member referrals are great!

If I didn't tell you already. Our district now has a new sister and 3 of the sisters left last transfer. The new sister's name is Sister Tarawhiti. She is originally from New Zealand, but has lived in Utah for a few years. She is straight from the MTC and is super pumped to be here! haha We are having district P-day up there near the JSM with the sisters, so that will be fun. We will have lunch and then go on a hike. It should be fun!

But anyway, on Thursday we met with Helen for a short lesson and then again on Friday and Sunday. She has recently STOPPED SMOKING! Crazy right?! After one week she found 3 cigarettes in a coat pocket and smoked one of them, but her husband Jason made her brake the other 2 up. She hasn't bought any more since, and on Thursday she was looking way better than she usually does. After hearing this on Thursday, I felt impressed to share our message about the story of Lot's wife and the scripture saying, "Look not thou, behind thee..." And also shared the Mormon Message that goes with that scripture. I think she started to see this as a new way of life, that smoking again was not a choice...that she can't look back! I sure hope she sticks with this. If so, we can finally start to progress with her again!

Troy is doing great still we have a lesson or 2 with him each week, doing the follow up lessons. We have dinner with him at the Wyants on Sunday and they still help us teach those lessons with him at their house. Its a great way to teach and have them fellowship him at the same time! Its been great! We taught him about the Priesthood and about temples last night. And once we just about finished the lesson. We asked Troy if there was anything he had questions about, and he just said, "So when can I go to the temple?" haha Bro. Wyant said, "Well we can get hopping and get you in to see the Bishop, get you to be ordained a priest, get you a temple recommend, and you can go with the youth on Oct. 26 for their temple trip for baptisms for the dead!" And he just, "sounds great!" haha He is so solid. It is great to see him progressing in the gospel even after baptism! Its awesome!

And my birthday was also this week! Saturday was great! I woke up right on time, worked out, took a shower and made pancakes for me and my companions. I had Peanut butter, jelly and real New Hampshire Maple syrup on them with a big glass of milk! It was great! haha

I had received y'alls package in the mail just the day before and Im glad it was all wrapped us so that I felt like I should wait till my birthday to see everything. So right after breakfast I opened up my presents you all sent, and wow! Thank you so much! I loved it all, especially the new CTR ring, I love it and the great ties and the spiffy looking tie bar too! I love it! I will attach some pictures of that morning!

Then we had service, we spit wood for about 2 hours. I actually like doing it! we do it every Saturday for an old couple that really needs the help. Then we had more service for Alan. (yeah so that meant that we were in our jeans and t-shirts all day. haha Good present! lol) He took us out to subway for dinner and we then had a wonderful lesson with him. He is so close to accepting a date for baptism. The lesson was so powerful. He said he just isn't sure about baptism yet. He said it all makes sense and that he hasn't heard anything that he thinks is bad, but he just doesnt know yet. So I had him turn to the pamphlet we gave him towards the back it is titled, "How can I know" I read him the 2nd paragraph and testified that the Holy Ghost will help him know that what we have been teaching him is true! I asked him if he had sincerely prayed about the Book of Mormon yet, and he said, "You know, I havent." So I then challenged him to prayer sincerely tonight to our Heavenly Father if these things were true. And he accepted! I could feel the spirit so strongly during that! It was great! It was a great lesson and service that I got to do on my birthday. Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes and card you all sent in the package. It meant so much to me and I felt like I was at home with you all! I loved it so much!

Well that pretty much summs it up so I will talk to you later! I love you guys sooooo much!

-Elder Swalberg

Here are a couple pictures from my birthday:

Elder Tewksbury bought me a smoothie that day also. 

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