Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013


Well with my birthday. It looks like my winter clothes will be taken care of between the members and the mission. So I am not so worried about that anymore, but I'm trying to know I'm bad at asking for things...

well I could use a new tie. The same ones can get old to wear. lol Um...There are a couple of things I would like to buy at Mr. G's that are pretty good priced. (Like this tie cleaner spray that works like a charm, candy haha, and a couple other things) I could get those if I had just a little cash. Maybe some mechanical pencils, oh and like 1 or 2 small notebooks that are like my scripture size so that I can fit them in my scripture case. I have one practically full now. Oh and if you can find a simple nice looking tie bar that would be kind of cool to wear when I dress up in my suit for meetings and stuff. But if you cant find one thats not decently priced, don't worry about it. Anyway, those are my best ideas! And if Dad still wants too, we can go out to eat at this pizza place and he could just transfer the money back into my account. I probably wont have time on my birthday, but we could do it later that week.

And sorry I didn't mention your letter coming. It did, and I meant to mention it but I just forgot. Thanks so much for it! I loved the pictures I got too! I really appreciated that letter.

Thanks for the attachment. I look forward to reading it!

And thats good to know about the visa thing. I hope it comes before too long or I am going to freeze my butt off! haha
I'm glad you are able to tell the story of Troy around he is an amazing guy!

It looks like as usual you are staying super busy, but that means you are getting lots done. You are such a great example to me out here. You are such a hard worker and I try to be the same out here. Thanks for all you do to support our family! You're the best.

Well Here is a short update, but I will attach some pictures! I forgot to send some last week.

So this week has been a little slow, a good amount of our appointments don't go through, but we make the best of it. The thing that made it all keep going was meeting with Troy and getting him ready for baptism. We met with him on Tuesday and watched the long Prophet of the Restoration movie with him. He really enjoyed it and even took notes. haha We got to discuss it afterwards also and he was also going to the JSM on Thursday so he would be able to learn even more about Joesph Smith there too! But sadly come Thursday there was some miscommunication and he was there like over an hour earlier than we planned and Elder and Sister Osborn called us telling us this. haha They both come to our ward but serve in the JSM and they have become close with Troy and planned to do the tour with us. So when they called us, we just said for them to just go through it with him because there was no way we would make it there for another hour and a half. But we talked to him that night and he had such a wonderful experience and wants to continue to go back. I am kind of glad that he didn't have us there because he will eventually not have us there with him all of the time. But we told him to meet us at the church 30- minutes early to his baptism the next day and then had a prayer with him before we left. I love hearing him pray. He does it with such sincerity, and his relationship that he has with our father in Heaven really shows when he prays! Its awesome!

So he was there on Friday just on time and got him all set up in his white clothes and by the time we took pictures with him, about everyone else had arrived. There were a good amount of people there! I was so happy, the ward was so happy for him and really showed a lot of support. At church he is always talking with members and they are really taking him in. He had previously asked Elder Tewksbury to baptize him, and Elder Terry to do the confirmation on Sunday. And I was totally fine with that. I could tell how happy it made them both to do it, especially Elder Tewksbury, so I'm glad they got to do it. I lead the music, was one of the witnesses, and gave the talk on the Holy Ghost to Troy. It was really a wonderful baptismal service and was just so amazing to see Troy baptized after one 4 weeks of teaching him. He was so prepared by our Father in Heaven and he now has all of the right goals in mind. We ate at the Wyants again with him and they were able to help us teach one of the follow-up lessons (Plan of Salvation). And Troy made a comment at the end of the lesson about the Celestial Kingdom and said, talking to all of the family, " Well now I know where I'm going, and I don't know about you all but I'm going to the Celestial Kingdom!" haha Its just so simple to him. He is like, so to get to the Celestial Kingdom I just have to stop smoking? DONE! or I just have to pay tithing? I'LL DO IT! Its just been amazing to see him progress!

Well I kind of have to go but he was really our main focus this last week and hopefully I will be able to let you guys know more about my other investigators more next week.

I love you all so much and appreciate all of the prayers!

-Elder Swalberg

Oh and here are the pictures!
First is my old district before transfers. We have some new sisters now.

Next is of Armida, her husband, Goliath, and their baby Mato with us after Armida's baptism

Next is a flag on the end of a fire truck ladder in downtown Claremont on 9/11.

And last is us with Troy right before his baptism! I just noticed, this is the first time you have seen him and I dont think I have described him before so now you can finally but a face to the miracle! 

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