Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday - August 4th, 2014

Man oh man!

I only have 1 week left in the states! I can't believe it! Everyone who has guessed my emotions in letters or emails is just about right; excited, nervous eager, hesitant, anxious, and scared for the unknown! 

But until next Tuesday comes, I will continue to enjoy my week here in this mission! I am really excited to see the many last miracles of my mission here. I know there will be many, because I will be giving it all I have got! 

I had a wonderful experience at the temple on Friday. I am so grateful to have that great blessing to go down to Boston to partake of the blessing in the temple. It was incredible to be reminded, again, of the great promises I have been given that are associated with the covenants I made in God's house! I will include what I mentioned to my Mission president about my experience and the action I am now taking on my answers I got there at the temple and shortly after my time in the temple:

 I can't explain how wonderful it was to go to the temple! I was able to write down all of the wonderful inspiration I received there afterwards, and it was exactly what I needed! I am so thankful I could go! 

I have been doing your challenge about praying about what to change, and have even shared it with my family and a few others. And I truly have a testimony of it and that it works! Since the first 3 weeks I did it though, I have sort of slaked off, but this past week I studied and prayed to know how to truly manage and change some of my desires and personality. I asked this question to the Lord while in the temple and I received what I thought was my full answer, but I found that He wasn't done. I came across another challenge by another Mission President that was very similar to yours. It was to make a list of things that "poke" at my spirit and make a covenant to start a 40 day fast from all those things. They could include things that would help me qualify for the spirit as well. So it started with a regular fast yesterday to help me change my desires and make all the changes I wrote down on my list. And I am on day 2 of 40 days. I know if I stick with this, and lean on my Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ, I will be able to change by the power His Atonement. 

I am going to work really hard at this, and besides I will need something to keep me consistent with all these changes coming up! I know it is what the Lord needs me to do and I am so grateful for the temple where I can pray and plead with the Lord and he can answer me so clearly and personally! 

We are still meeting with Ann regularly. I believe I mentioned how, she has been really humbled by her family struggles and that is why she is so sensitive to these spiritual truths we are teaching her. Well we got a call Friday night at like 9:45 from her saying he daughter had called her earlier that evening and wanted to come over and talk with her! That was a huge step! Her daughter hasn't wanted to sit down and talk with her much at all since the divorce. So she enjoyed it very much and knew that Heavenly Father was answering our prayers. She said, "Every time you come by, you pray for me and my family and I know thats why my daughter came over!" Things aren't perfect for them yet, but she is getting to see her grandkids again, and so its better! She came to church yesterday and enjoyed it again! The ward loves her a lot and we will be seeing her 3 times a week, and the call every morning helps her! She is such a sweet lady, and I sure will miss her, but definitely will write her. She will be such a wonderful addition the church and the Sanford Ward. It was so cool to see her participate in Gospel Principles so much! We were in Chapter 42 about the gathering of Isreal and She was able to answer questions, and give insight into our discussion because of her upbringing as an Orthodox Jew. It was great! 

Well thats about all I have time for today, but thats the main things that have happened since Thursday! 

Love Yall! 

-Elder Swalberg