Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday, April 23rd

Last P-day seems like forever ago! Probably because it was! We had to change our P-day to today because of Zone Conference happening for us this past Monday. 
 But starting from last week. I will highlight some of the good things that happened, but because I have 2 extra days to write about, I won't be able to share as much. 

But yall heard about my crazy P-day last week, but after emails we went to a members home for dinner! The Earnest Family. They made an awesome dinner to help teach their kids about the Passover! It brought back so many memories of how Dad, you and Mom would make all the different parts and we would go through the whole process to learn what each food was to represent and go through the motions to  better understand it! It was so cool to do with them! 

I went on Exchange that night with my District Leader, Elder Brown. He had been Zone Leader with Elder Terry for 2 transfers so it was fun to be able to talk and laugh about our experiences with Elder Terry! I really like Elder Brown, we have a similar personality. While he was here in Sanford with me we tried not to use the car more than we had to, but it was raining so we drove to a couple places but whenever we planned on walking somewhere it would lighten up so we didn't get rained on very heavy at all. We tried to find a new investigator, but nothing happened that way. But a couple people at least listened to us. 

The following day (Wednesday) we were able to Coordinate with the sisters of what we wanted to the missionary work in ward to go...and then we had a call with Brother Forbes ( our new ward mission leader) to explain what our thoughts were and what his thoughts were. He really is excited and is committed even though he has 3 young children and a crazy job. He has a willing heart though and thats is what will make the difference. A lot of what we talked about will be brought up in the next Coordination meeting with members of each Auxiliary present. 

We also had a dinner appointment with the Bently Family. They have 7 daughters ranging from 1-15 years old. Buth recently a lot of them have been taking guitar lessons. So they previously knew I did as well. So after dinner and the lesson. They had me play a song on the guitar. They had the "simplified hymns" book and that has the guitar chords above the words, so I played one and then played the Spirit of God as we all sang it together! It was really cool! Having a guitar in my last apartment sure was a treat! haha 

On Saturday The sisters and us fasted for our area to have new investigators and to start to see this area really pick up. It is such a great area, but we are just lacking the teaching pool. That day we didn't find a new investigator but we did run into a guys as we were tracting a street who was baptized when he was 15 but hasn't been active for quite a while. But Guess where he is from? Tyler, Texas! Yeah, pretty cool huh?! We will be stopping by his place this week to get to know him better. But he did ask for another book of Mormon as we were talking to him which was cool! His name is Ken. But anyway, I really do know our studies, prayers, and fast will be answered. We are still working and I know the Lord will guide us to someone or someone to us that is ready to hear and accept the gospel! 

Easter was really great! We started it out by waking up at 4:50 to go to a Baptist "Sunrise Service". We went because an older couple invited us to come with them. We do service for them on their horse farm every Tuesday and Thursday morning. It was really great! I love Easter and Christmas because all Christians can be so united in their worship that day! After the service they had a breakfast there at their church for everyone too. It was really great! So many nice people came up and talked with us! 

We had a wonderful church service too and 8 less actives were at church from our area! It was really great to see them all! Afterwards we went to the Basko's house for Dinner. All their kids are moved out but they have a daughter that is on a mission too. It was a really great meal and had a great lesson with them about the Atonement too! All in all such a spiritual and lovely Easter Day! 

One Monday we had Zone Conference. It was really great and was focused on us using Preach My Gospel more in our studies and really everything we do as a missionary. The things talked about were really good to be reminded of! 

We had FHE with the McInnis Family that night too! We love them so much! They had dinner for us too, and really our FHE was formed by our discussion from dinner. We all just started talking about the power and awe of the priesthood. Bro. McInnis shared some very special experiences that really strengthened my testimony! When we go to the temple this transfer, I would really like to go with them! They are so great! 

Well those are the highlights of my week! I am so excited to see what else this week is going to give to us! I have gained a new form of optimism as I have truly grown leaps and bounds in my testimony of my Savior, Jesus Christ! I am so happy to know that he lives and is so much a part of each of our lives! I KNOW he is there, I KNOW it as surely as I know I am typing this email! What a great blessing we have to know these things. That's why I'm motivated to share the gospel. 

I love y'all! 

-Elder Swalberg

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