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Monday February 24, 2014

2 Weeks Later...And a Lot Has Changed!
(Note - Due to Presidents day on Monday Feb. 17th, he could not email home...)

Well, my goodness! I have had to miss yet another day of emailing home last week! Holidays on P-days hit us twice this transfer! Anyway, I don't have time to fill in everything for the past 2 weeks, so I sent a lot of it home in a vlog on a SD card...maybe Mom and Dad, you will put a few highlights and pictures up on the blog for everyone to see. I even covered up through Wednesday in the vlog so I am just going to start on Thursday! 

(Note - the main vlog was almost a half an hour long... I dont know how to summarize it...  it all seemed like highlights!)

Thursday- We did sooooo much service, like ALL day! But when the roads are pretty bad and it snowed like 4 times in one week, there really isn't much else to do! I loved it though! We started with library service and a huge miracle happened! I have been really thinking about one of our investigators, Frank, a lot the previous few days and praying a lot for him to accept us back, after he seemed very against us coming by anymore. We had no idea of how to best follow up with him, because we didn't want to seem even more pushy (which he was very afraid of). Guess who we saw at the library?! Frank! He saw us moving some CD cases upstairs and was just staring at us, and then I looked up, did a double take and was like "THATS FRANK!" He said hi and we got to chat with him for a bit! It was a perfect recontact with him. It was HIM that found us! How cool?! He was getting some books on CD for a trip he was about to leave on but we know when he will be back and will be able to offer some service for him when he gets back! Such a miracle!
We did a lot more shoveling! we probably shoveled the church sidewalks like 4 times in the past week! Including chipping away all the ice that caked the sidewalks too! But we also got to help Lisa and James with taking down the drywall in their room and taking up the floor to renovate it all. Needless to say we were wiped but it was so great to be involved in so much service!
Friday- We had a huge miracle too! We got to go and teach Brother Carlson-Norm-, who was just baptized a little over a month ago, and he invited his friend Mark over. Mark has been falsely accused for some legal things that I wont go into, but is from England and was raised Catholic but hasn't gone to church since he was 11 (33 years old now) and has been praying for guidance, especially in the midst of so much persecution against him. He just got bailed out of jail about 2 weeks ago, and Norm has been a big source of help to him and so he suggested that he stay for our lesson. He told us that he was actually really excited we were coming and was happy to stay. We taught him the restoration and Norm totally was teaching and testifying about the things we taught! He was a little distracted ( I think it was so natural of him to share those things that he didn't feel like it was that big of a deal that he was accepting what we were saying!) So yeah it was super awesome, and he said he would start reading the Book of Mormon that night! We look forward to meet with him again tomorrow with Norm!
But really quick Saturday and Sunday- We found out on Saturday that Elder Dally is leaving and I am staying and getting a new senior companion. We will be going to transfer meeting tomorrow morning and getting our new companions! We really have ended on a great note and it was great to go and visit the members we are really close with on Sunday for Elder Dally to say goodbye!
Anyway that is going to have to do, but it really is great to still be here and there will be so many great things that will happen here soon!
btw this is me with Bro. and Sis. Duffy! The best member missionaries in the world! 

Love yall!
-Elder Swalberg

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