Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014 - Zone Conference Week!

Well Hello again! This week has been pretty good! I think the main highlight was Zone Conference so that is what I will focus a lot on and then give a quick update about those we are teaching! 

Well we were instructed to read over a long packet called The 4th Missionary! It essentially addressed 4 types of missionaries. 

The first missionary is very disobedient, doesn't want to follow the rules and ends up going home of his own choice or is sent home. 

The second missionary doesn't want to follow the rules, and still does what he wants not what the Lord wants, but stays out on the mission the whole time. 

The Third missionary is a good missionary. One who follows the rules, does everything according to the White handbook, teaches, has much success and baptisms. But this missionary still inwardly wants to do what he wants, and doesn't enjoy following every rule. This missionary is always saying, things will be better when......(fill in blank...ex. I finish this day, I get through this transfer, I become senior companion, or any other leadership position.) They are always longing for something more. 

The difference between the third missionary and the fourth missionary can be said in one word. Our mission president, President Stoker, said, "DESIRE". A fourth missionary has desire: to follow the rules, to do what is asked of him, to serve with all his/her heart, might, mind, and strength! The fourth missionary is humble and never seeks to ladder climb (or in other words the aspiring missionary.) This missionary is content and happy in whatever position they are in. They are humble and don't seek to compare themselves to other missionaries! There are so many other attributes of the 4th missionary that are wonderful, but you get the idea! 

So the whole time we talked about how we can become the 4th missionary. And be that missionary all the time! It was so inspiring, and I have made a few goals that I know will help me become a more dedicated, humble, patient, and optimistic Missionary! 

The other great thing about Zone conference was a very exciting announcement that President Stoker made! In affect as of that day, we are allowed to go to the Boston temple even though its outside of our mission! There are a lot of stipulations and one of them is you have to be in an area within 2 hours driving distance to the Boston Temple.So we got a list that let us know what areas were able to go and sadly a lot of Maine is not within that 2 hour radius, including Damariscotta. BUT we are also only allowed to go once every 6 months. So if we get transferred to an area that is in that radius by June than we can still go within this first 6 months! Lots of other rules are included with this policy but thats boring stuff! The excitingness of this is I have the possible chance of going to the temple while I am here! I am sooo stoked! I have been having so many temple withdrawals! haha 

Well we haven't had too much success with our investigators this week. Frank and Carol, Davis Family, Mark and Krystal are all on stand by and aren't looking like they will be going anywhere in the short future. And Rob and Misty are struggling to keep any kind of commitment. We are starting to teach them from the gospel Principles book because they aren't coming to church so we are bring it to them! But we are hoping they will come to a church tour soon. I have only done one actual church tour and that was back in Ascutney, but we are hoping to use them more often here! 

But we found a hopefully miracle family this week! On saturday we were looking for a less active man that no on in the Branch knew. So we went to the address and he ended up not living there. But the guy we talked to was really nice and we introduced ourselves and what we do. We asked him a little about himself and he has a wife and 3 kids (kids ages, 7,6, and 2) and we asked if we could come back and share a little more about our church with him and he was totally open to it! His name is Nate and his wife is Devin, and we were supposed to meet them yesterday at 5 but when we went there they said they were actually about to head out, but apologized and said they wished they could have called us to let us know. We exchanged numbers and set up a time on Wednesday to see them! But it was still cool, because we got to meet 2 of the kids and his wife! They would be such a great family in our branch! We hope all will go well, and pick them up as investigators on Wednesday

Well that just goes to show ya that all though we felt like our teaching pool was dying, we kept doing our best and then the Lord blessed us to run right into someone that will listen to us! I know the Lord is watching over us and answers our prayers! That is one part of my testimony that has grown so much on my mission so far! 

Well thats going to have to be all for this week, and I don't know if we will be able to email next week because on the 17th this place where we do emails will be closed! So yeah, just as a heads up. But I love you all so much, and hope you have a great week! 

-Elder Swalberg

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