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Monday, August 26th

A preface to Elder Swalberg's letter... Here are some questions from his Mom that he answers below...

A few questions for you this week.
1.  How much study time are you getting for Portuguese every day?
2.  Is there a limit on service hours you can have each week?
3.  How many meals a week are you eating with the members?
4.  Where do you go for emails?  A members home? library?  
5.  How many missionaries are there in your mission?
6.  Do missionaries from that mission ever get to go to the Boston Temple?
Okay....just curious questions...nothing too important.

=====  Here is Landon's letter====

Well first teh few questions!
1. Well we are supposed to have an hour for language study every day but it the thing that gets put off first. If our day is too filled up, then we dont do language study. Even with Elder Tewksbury its hard to do it. Its going to be so hard to get back to the language when I am MAYBE going to Brazil. But its okay.
2. President Stocker said we can have 8 hours ish. to do service.
3. Well Sundays we have luch and Dinner with members every time! Yesterday we had some great meals! But other than that we have one or two other meals a week. All of the members have been really nice about me being vegetarian. Of course the jokes are still there especially from my companions but I am so used to that its no problem! haha

Which reminds me! So my whole mission so far I have never had so many nick names for my last name. Its not that hard but between the MTC and here I have had all of these names. (Some I dont know how to spell but I will do my best): Swasberg, Swally, Slumdog, Swasbag, Steam isperigus, Swasburg (In the a heavy German accent)...and the list goes on. Its pretty funny!

4. There is a community college library that we are able to use to do emails here is a picture that I took last week as I was emialing.

5. There are 218 missionaries in the mission! Its a huge area though. haha

6. Yes, but they only get to go when they finish their missions here. The mission president takes them on their last day. But its technicly out our our mission. So yeah, I wont be able to go to the temple there.

Oh I am so glad Ed week was so great! Sis Edwards sent me a picture of Dakota, Austin and Taylor at their house. And Tella sent a picture of them all together i think in the wilk center. It was great! If you havent sent the package yet, you should send some pictures too. I LOVE the pictures I took soooo much. Pictures are seriously the best. I never knew how much I would love having them.

I am almost done with the letter about the BOM experience, and then a letter will be coming your way! :)

So quickly here is my week.

I had a training meeting for all the new missionaries that came out the same transfer as me, in Manchester this week on Tuesday. They taught us some pretty basic stuff but it reminded me that I really need to be exactly obedient and blessings will come! It was great to see Elder Gardner there! He is in Maine and is doing great! I love him so much so I was really happy to see him! Then its always great to see President Stocker and his wife I got a picture with them while I was there. There is that picture attached!

On Wednesday we have our district meetings but this time we had lunch with our district and I made a chessecake for it! I made the super simple one you taught me how to make, Mom, but like always it was super good! haha
One of the sisters needed a blessing afterwards and she asked me to give that. So that was cool to do, and I also gave one to one of the members too. She has a non-member husband, Alan, and we are actually teaching him. I think I already wrote about him. He is doing well and still coming to church.

I finally got to teach Leonice again, she is the Portugese speaking lady that we are teaching. It was really a lesson just answering a lot of her questions but it was still good to finally be able to meet with her after 2 weeks. She lives like an hour away so its hard to visit her very often.

Armida is a Marshalese lady that we have been teaching (part member family) and she is getting her baptismal interview this Saturday and will hopefully be baptised on the 6th of September. Her english isnt super great so its hard to know all that she understands but what she does say and explain to us makes us feel that she is prepared and ready.

Troy is doing soooooo well. This week we have continued to be able to pray with him every morning and he also came back to church. I think church is overwelming for him but he says he just needs to get used to it. But in our last lesson I extended the baptismal commitment to him and he responded "Definately." and later in our discussion he said, "Yeah, I want to do this. I want to show you guys Im not BS-ing," No he didnt swear he said it just like that...haha, " Becasue Im seriously TIRED of failing and letting the Lord down." We were so happy after that lesson. He is really studying the Book of Mormon and is naturally applying it to his situation and life. Its so great! He accepted the date of Sept 13th to work towards to be baptised! We are so excited! Keep him in your prayers, he needs them. He still says he struggles doing everything he should do, but he has faith that it will get easier!

Teaching all of these people is so great! I learn so much as I study for them. I know the Lord has prepared these people for us! I know I am supposed to be here at this time and I am so happy to be here too! This place is starting to grow on me and I can tell that it will be super hard to leave here when or if I get my Visa for Brazil.

I have thought of home a lot this week, but I am using it as a motivation not a hinderance. Sure I miss home but there is no place I would rather be than here!
But one thing that I have been super thankful for this week is the blessing of having Family scripture study and prayer everynight, going to church every week, and having FHE so often. A lot of missionaries are just finding out how important these things are but I am just so thankful for having those things so consistant. It is such a blessing to me out here! It really is sooooo important!

I love you all so much and miss you! Thanks for the letters and updates, it means the world to me! 

Taylor- good luck with school this next week! Work hard!

-Elder Swalberg

(A couple photos that Elder Swalberg sent...)

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