Monday, July 8, 2013

Friday - July 5th, 2013

Hey, so Im now into my second week and it is flying by! There is always so much to do! Last Friday I was able to go to the temple and it was so great. My companion forgot his temple recommend though so we had to walk all the way back to our room in the very hot afternoon! But it only made the session even more relaxing! Sadly from now on we wont be able to go to the temple on our pdays because they are remodeling/ cleaning it for the next month or so. But Im just glad I could go there once! Mom or Dad, I sure miss going to the temple every week with either of you!
The devotionals on Tuesdays are awesome too! Our first one was the best, I forgot to tell you about it. I think her name was Janice Perry. But she has written like 20 something songs in the childrens song book and they are all the good ones: I feel my saviors love, Army of Heleman, (and sisters in zion), I love to see the temple, ect. She had all sing a medly of her songs (that we all knew so well) during the devotional, and it was so cool! And also she had us sing a remake of the EFY medly (cause its a combination of both of her songs) and changed some of the words to apply to us as missionaries! It was soooo cool! I love her now!
Oh so our first normal Sunday was this last week. I had meeting for our Branch council and received a little bit of training from the branch pres. for all our our district leaders. And sacrament meeting was partially in Portuguese and part english but this Sunday will be fast Sunday so we will actually have it in all in English! I am so happy! haha It will be nice. But everyone says make it to Sunday and you will be okay, but Sudays are BUSY! But still good! I take a lot of notes on Sudays with all of the talks we hear!
Oh Mom! Guess who is in my Branch/ Zone? Elder Poulson! We were talking in our residence hall and noticed we were both from Texas and so I asked him if he was part of the Jubilee and then he said "yeah, in fact my mom was like running a lot of it!" Then I said, " No way! My mom was too!" So I looked at his name tag and then it all clicked. haha Then it clicked why he looked familiar! haha Its pretty cool though. He was called to give a talk last week in church in portugese. He did a great job!
I have also seen Megan Patterson from the Sorensens ward. She is in the same class room building as me. I have a picture of us together from last night that I will try to send. I also saw Kelci Fry yesterday.
I got to teach a lot of lessons this week! We have 2 new "investigators" that we are practicing on. We are slowly getting better! My companion and I almost have our purpose and the first vision memorized in Portuguese. I am struggling a lot but that is just part of the process! My companion picks it up easier than I do, but I see that as a blessing as he is able to help me out when I need it! All the prayers are felt, and know they are helping!
Last night we got to watch the fireworks and watch a movie "17 miracles" which was really fun but it made us get to bed a lot later and I was actually getting tired at 10:00! Crazy right. But it was still pretty cool!
There are so many missionaries here though, it is crazy! I have a few pictures of all of us missionaries walking to the Marriot Center for devotional. It is pretty cool to see! There are 800 missionaries coming in every Wednesday and there are more an more missionaries not even getting a reassignment or their visa after their MTC time is up. So they are just staying here! It is so packed! I actually have to leave this computer casue others need this room so I will send pictures in a minute.
-Elder Swalberg
[He sent a followup email that he could not get pictures to send... and he had to get off the computer, as there were other missionaries waiting for a turn...  hopefully next week]

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