Monday, July 15, 2013

Friday July 12, 2013 - received in postal mail w/ a letter to Taylor

Hey- so my emails were kind of all over the place.  Sorry about that but I actually feel really stressed during that 1 hour because I have so much to say and I don’t have enough time to say it.  But I wanted to mention a couple other things that I forgot.  

Our devotionals are super amazing, especially this last Tuesday!  It was by a former 70 member.  He talked about how to recognize and use the spirit and how to seek personal revelation.  It was really amazing.  Even though I was REALLY tired that day I didn’t nod off for a second.  They have Tuesday evening devotionals around 7:00 in the Marriot Center, and they record it.  So, I wanted to know if you could find them anywhere because they are so good!

Oh- and a week and half ago, I was off campus with my companion (Elder Gardner) because he was seeing a doctor for his knee that he thought he messed up after playing soccer.  But while we were there the Hassels saw me in the waiting room and came over and said “hi”.  They say, “hi” to the rest of the family too.  It was cool to see them out of the blue like that.  My companion is fine now by the way.

Anyway, just thought I would send this with Taylor’s letter.

Love you guys! :)  Miss you all!
Elder Swalberg

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