Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Hey Mom and Dad! I feel like I have sucked so badly at keeping yall up to date on my mission since I have been here. Sadly without being able to send home letters very quickly, or packages with my sd card full of pictures and is really hard to keep yall up to date.
But know i am trying! really quickly I will tell you about my birthdayday becacause I forgot to talk about it last Monday. It was really great. I havent received the package yet. I have heard some missionaries dont get packages for 3-5 months in this mission,. But I think I will get it soon because I am one of the areas closer to the mission office, so I have more chances to recieve mail. But yeah a lot of missionaries say that their parents are already sending package for chirstmas! But once I get package yall already sent we will get a better idea of how long it really takes. I got a letter from Grandpa Landon about 1 or 2 weeks ago, at Zone conference! It was awesome to still get a letter from him even though Im not sharing his mission with him anymore. Those letters he sent me will forever be a treasure to me as we were able to talk of our missions together. I cant wait to talk more with him when I get home! But oh yeah, birthday. It was sunday so here in this mission if you want investigators at church you have to walk to each house before church and wake them up/ remind them of church. Im not a fan of getting to church all sweaty after walking up and down and all over our area for an hour and a half, but like dad said in his last email, I just need to learn how to use the "Manaus Super-Sickle 2014" Its going to be tiring at first because I dont have the rythem down yet, but I will get the hang of it. But yeah, church was good, still dont understand everything, but the gospel setting helps me understand more, because that is the majority of my vocabulary. After church we had a great AlmoƧo with the president of the Relief Society, and when they found out it was my birthday they invited us to come back in the evening and have cake! Yeah, they made an amazing cake and had Fanta too. It was so sweet of them. We also stopped by another member, and they just happened to invite us back in an hour or so for cake too,,,,but they didnt even know it was my birthday! haha It was kind of funny, because once we started eating Elder Fuhriman told them and they were excited and happy they could share cake with me on my birthday. Cake is a VERY common desert here. Because they can make it pretty cheap but its great too! Everyone makes cake here. There are a lot of bakeries too. you can pretty much buy fresh breads in every store you see. But yeah the cake was really good. But we also taught. We taught a family that was a referal from a young women in our branch. It was our first time teaching them, but we connected with them really well. and were able to teach them all the restoration and about the book of mormon. It was just the kids that we taught but their ages ranged from 11-20 (6 of them) The cool part was I think this was the first time I have ever really felt the gift of tounges work through me. It was only for one part of the lesson. My companion finished teaching the apostasy and left me to teach the Restoration , the first vision. I struggled for the right words leading up to the exact words of the first vision, but once I starting to say the words of Joesph that I knew so well, the spirit came in. I got goosebumps as I finished his words, and then paused and began to testify that what he saw was true, and that he was then called to be a prophet to restore Christ's church. As I was trying to think of the words to say, I was saying the right words before I could think them. In fact as I thought the words I was simply confirming what I already said was right. As I spoke I knew the Spirit was speaking through me, and it was not my words. It was a great experience! Sadly we have not been able to teach the whole family all together again, but even if they arent baptized it increased my faith and testimony of the spirit and the power in the words of Joesph Smith.
And as well, there is a young man that is cousins to a recent convert in our branch but he never attends church. I dont really know why. But he is really cool and have become friends with him. He knows a little english from movies and music in english, but cant really say a whole lot, but speaks a little clearer than most people. And on Monday night the next day of my birthday he came by with some frozen pizzas and soda and we ate pizza and played UNO. It was really fun, and he also gave me a bunch of snacks including some american foods, like oreos, and milkeyways. haha He is a good guy! I just want to get him back to church. haha
So yeah, it really was a good birthday, I didnt really think of myself much during the day, and I think thats good. It was very different than my other birthday on my mission, but what isnt different here?!?! haha
I look forward to yalls letter and package, and thanks so much for the emails about my birthday last week, and your thoughts and prayers that day too. I really did recieve those tender mercies that you prayed for me to have! :)
Here are a few pictures of my birthday....

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