Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 31, 2014 - (Thursday since going to the temple...)

(Elder Swalberg swapped p-day to Thursday so they could go to the temple with some members.  This is his email from  a few days ago.)

Hey, so on Monday I was not able to email yall, because we are going to the temple today, and we will be leaving in about 30 minutes. So I still don't have a whole lot of time today, but am really excited to be going down to the temple!

But a few quick updates on how the missionary work is going here in Sanford!

First off Ann is doing really well. She missed church last week though.....she is really struggling with her son in law and daughter right now, because she is not being allowed to be with her grandchildren since they both split up. So she had to do some of that legal stuff Sunday, but we are still meeting with her consistently, and she loves us coming! She has to brake her coffee as her crutch. She is recommitted this week to give it up. She is such a sweet lady, and I love how every time we bring a new member to teach her, they come out saying how sweet and fun she is! I love that. It makes me so much more comfortable leaving before her baptism, because I know the members will be such a support and encouragement to her!

Becky is doing well too! She is finally really reading the Book of Mormon. Last Thursday we decided to just ask if we could do a quick visit with her, and it turned into a great discussion of how the Book of Mormon can be our guide through life and that we can really apply it to us! We read 1 Nephi 2 with her, and helped her get the story line a little better. We just had a lesson with her last night and she has read a few more chapters finally! AND she said, "it is actually a really easy read! There was only one little part I couldn't make sense of, but then I read over it couple more times and I had just missed a word!" That was great to hear! She also came for sacrament meeting on Sunday which was her first time! She loved it! Our relief Society President gave a wonderful talk on the RS manual, "Daughters in My Kingdom" and it was very timely for Becky! She loved it and was very anxious to receive a copy of that book! So yeah, we hope she will continue to read from the Book of Mormon and start to gain her testimony of it!

We also had Zone Conference last week! I wish I could explain everything that we learned, but there is no way I could with the time I have. But the really cool thing was one of the Young Men in our ward Cale Thorton, who is 18 and about to leave for college to Southern Virginia University, came with us to the whole Zone Conference! He loved it and man way that great mission prep! I was thinking the whole time, why didn't I do that with the Elders back home?! Such a great experience to be around so many missionaries, and learn so much!

Step back in time was so great too! We spent a lot of our week helping with that though! We were there part of Thursday evening, Friday morning to late afternoon and practically all of Saturday when it actually took place. I know I sent a bunch of pictures that Sister Davie (the event coordinator from our ward) forwarded me onto you, mom and Dad. And I know there are more on the facebook event and her facebook page too! We even got in the newspaper! Elder Johnston and I are on the front page of the local paper, and another picture where it explains more about the event, and its a picture of us giving a ride to some kids in a handcart! Its pretty cool! I will be getting a copy to send home! haha

Well Its time to go now, so I will have to share more on Monday!

I sure love all yall!

-Elder Swalberg

(Here are a couple of great photos pulling a handcart in the Step Back in Time event)

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