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Monday, March 17th, 2014

Busy - Spirit Filled - Miracles!
Hey there!

So this week has been crazy! It was like we were down 3 days this week because we had Zone interviews, Stake conference adult session, and Sunday session, and both all of them were about an  hour away on separate days. So yeah we had to try to cram everything into the other days. So I will try to pick one of the coolest things that happened each day.

Monday: We got to go to the Royers (Bro. Royer is the Branch Mission leader) and coordinate with the sisters and the Royers. They also fed us dinner! It was a delicious meal and they gave us tons of leftovers! We had some pretty hilarious moments during dinner. Like when Bro Royer made us laugh at a joke and Elder Stalling was drinking cranberry juice and when trying to make it not come out his nose, it ended up going into his lungs and ended up coughing and spitting up onto his plate and we were all up in an uproar of laughter! That was only part of it all. haha We had a good time! haha

Tuesday: We serve at the food pantry every Tuesday, but this time, they had a ton of produce and not that many people came, so there was a lot of stuff left over so yeah we ended up with cantaloupes, apples, oranges, grapefruit, collard greens, tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes, avocados, and bread! It was freaking awesome! I have never had so much produce on my mission! A few nights later I made us both some collard green wraps with homemade guacamole, rice, beans, corn, lime and cilantro, onions and zucchini and cheese! It was soo good! We really loved it! 

We also got to see Mark again, and he is still reading the gospel principles book and the book of mormon. So awesome! 

Wednesday: We got to do our Family History workshop! The Duffys weren't able to make it because sister duffy wasn't feeling well, but the sisters came this time. Only 2 people showed up, but they had just found out about and were so stoked to see what more it could do! Their names are James and Donna. They are in their 60's and really into family history but want to get it all organized and want to do something with all of their pictures they have too! So yeah how perfect was this?! We essentially had a lesson with them without a prayer. They asked questions and participated really well because they were so interested! I was so happy, because although we weren't able to have a ton of people there, we got to teach directly to them and help them more individually, and after we finished the workshop, I asked if they had ever been in our building (they had said they had seen our building before) and they said no, that only driving by it. I offered to them to have a church tour next week and they were both up for it! So we even got a return appointment with them! How cool! We are so excited to seem them this Wednesday! 

Thursday:We got to do a lot of service! We served a while at the library, and then that evening we got to go to the Locke's home and help them renovate their room and put up the frame for their wall. Sister Locke made us homemade pizzas, and then we had a good lesson with them! Their family is so great, a little crazy with the 2 dogs, little twin girls, and the two 5 year old boys running around, but I sure love them! They are soo good to us and always send us home with a bunch of food because she is a coupon shopper like you, Mom, and she has tons of certain things that she will send home with us! It always reminds me of how you would do that to our Elders back home, it sure is the best! haha 

Friday: We had interviews with President Stoker! I love President Stoker! He just shows such concern and care for each of us missionaries. He wants me here, but as well he wants to help me to get to Brazil. He gave me some advice on a few things I was wanting to talk to him about, and I have already seen it help. I love the times I get to talk with him, even for the short 15 minutes. He has so much on his plate, yet he still makes time for each of us missionaries. And there are a lot of us! Like 220ish in the mission! So yeah he is awesome! 

Saturday: We had Stake Conference at the Topsham stake center. And Kathy, and her husband Mason and Andie all made it! I was so happy to see them there! The Lockes made it too! Our Stake President, Temple President and his wife, and President Stoker and Sister Stoker were all there. We heard from a couple of them each and a few missionaries and youth speak as well! Obviously it too was on Hastening the Work like all of the Stake Conferences are on this time. It was really great! I even met a guy from Portugal who just live in the ward north of us in Gardner. So he gave me his phone number so that if I need to ask any questions I can ask him. He is a recent covert too! He was really cool. Elder Tewksbury my companion back in Ascutney got his Visa and left last week! So there is only me, Elder Gardner, another Elder Petersen (he has been out one transfer less than me.) and one sister, who is one transfer ahead of me. So that is a lot less than the 20 something that were here when I came out here. But who knows, I haven't heard anything new. But I am going to try to get my FBI clearance done, even though I haven't been asked for it yet. Because I have heard it will probably be needed soon anyway. So yeah that will be a priority this next week. It shouldn't be too hard, I have the info I need to get it done. 

Sunday: After Stake conference in the morning/afternoon we went and saw Bro. Carlson and Mark again! We taught him about the last part of the Plan of Salvation, and Brother Giusani, who was with us, brought it a little deeper than we wanted it to get. BUT it ended really well. Mark asked a really profound question, "So how will I know when the spirit is talking to me?" And we read Galatians 5:22-23 with him and It was quiet for a moment, and I asked, "which of those have you felt?" He repiled after taking a moment to think, "I think, all of them." I then asked, "So what does that mean then?" It was silent again, and while staring at the scripture, he said, "That this is true." I blew up inside! haha HE GETS IT! It was soo cool. But I kept that inside and the silence continued as the spirit testified of what he just said. It was so strong and powerful! That was such a great experience and I know he knows these things are true! I don't know when things will calm down for him with his court stuff and his wife, but one thing is for sure: He wants to be better and knows this is where he can do that! I was so happy for him!

So there was nothing better than being so busy and getting to feel the spirit so much in this week at stake conference, interviews, and teaching, and simply with my companion! The white handbook tells us to strive to enjoy the companionship of the Holy Ghost and I sure have learned to love it! And that is what we should always strive for, because there is truly no better feeling! 

I sure love you all! Hope y'all have a great week! 

-Elder Swalberg

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